"Spiritistas - Brazilian Healers"

Brazil is the fourth largest country in the world and has a population approximately half of that of the US. 40% of the Brazilian population follow some type of spiritual doctrine and thus, they incorporate many of these concepts into all facets of their daily life, including religion, employment, marriage, science and medicine.
Spiritistas seriously follow the ideas presented in two channeled books by a man called Allan Kardec. During the last 100 years, the Spiritistas have scientifically investigated the spiritual world and have worked effectively with entities from this dimension.
As with all belief systems, there are some concepts and beliefs that one will feel comfortable with and others they will not.

This is, of course, fine and normal and as with any information that I present via this forum, the beliefs here do not automatically become mine...I just like to present you with many different ways of looking at things, so that we may all expand our horizons and "think outside the square we live in".

I would like to speak of a man called Divaldo Franco. He was born on March 5, 1927 in Brazil and his youth was dotted with painful illnesses and deep emotional shocks. In 1948, Franco gained the ability to deliver lectures from Spirit and his dedication to committing acts of love allowed him to extend and fully develop his psychic resources, producing outstanding results as a clairvoyant, trance speaker and physical-effects medium.
The most evident results of his psychic powers are the many volumes produced through automatic writing. Franco has received 76 books on a range of topics, dictated by such discarnates as Victor Hugo, the French master, Rabindranath Tagore, an Indian Sage and Joanna de Angelis, a Brazilian nun.

Franco is renowned worldwide for his psychic lecturing, although he lives on a meager pension and dresses extremely simply. His life has been devoted to serving as a psychic bridge for discarnate spirits, who have authored every book he has ever published and to provide shelter to outcast children. He is the Founder and president of Mansao do Caminho (Mansion of the Way), located in Salvador, Brazil, which emulates the one run by the first apostles and the majority of the staff here are volunteers. The mansion aids around 2,200 semiresident and 98 permanent children, providing food, education, financial assistance and vocational training until they reach the age of 18.
Money for maintenance is raised through public contributions and the sale of Franco's books, the copyrights to which are all donated to the Mansion.

Allan Kardecs Spiritist Doctrine (Christian Spiritism) was established upon differing philosophical premises from the Spiritism founded by the Fox sisters in the US. The Spiritist Doctrine embraces an existential philosophy and strongly exhorts living with optimism, with a behavioural ethic based upon love. This belief system legitimises perfection as the true purpose of life.
Allan Kardec's (1804 - 1869) books: The Spirits Book, The Mediums Book, Heaven and Hell, The Gospels as Explained by Spiritism and Genesis: Miracles and Predictions According to Spiritism.

Here below, I will give some information, based upon an interview with Divaldo Franco on May 27, 1987 in New York City which was translated into english and edited by Dr John M Zerio, President of the Allan Kardec Educational Society.
Some of the fundamental differences in healing in Brazil vs North America and other places relate to the cost of healing services.

In Brazil, the Spiritists healing services are always freeand the providers of these healings volunteer their help to the sick as a means towards their own spiritual growth and transformation, as well as to heal the diseased. They acknowledge that all healing ultimately comes from the Creator and that they are merely channels or mediums in the transfer of this healing energy to the patient and so they feel that it would be inappropriate to charge for a healing that originates not from them. Secondly, the Brazilians realise that discarnate consciousness, existing on a spiritual plane can influence the lives of living people through their actions at the level of the spiritual or astral body. Such action may be friendly and benevolent, used to assist and heal us, or malevolent, designed to cause distress and disease.
According to Spiritist beliefs in Brazil, lower spirits can only interfere in the lives of incarnated beings who are in attunement with them. Contact of the physical body with these negative energies create imbalances in cellular structure and the nervous system that then manifest as either physical or psychological illness or both.
Thus the main emphasis of the Spiritist healer in Brazil is to effect healing on the level of the external consciousness or soul. It is believed that any beneficial effect on the spiritual level will eventually be expressed on the physical plane as well.

There are to man, according to the Spiritistas, three elements: 1/ The physical body, 2/ the spirit or consciousness, temporarily incarnated in the body and 3/ the perispirit, also called the spiritual or astral body. To heal the physical body, the spiritistas employ homeopathic remedies as well as magnetised, energised water. Magnetised water is water energised in a particular way by the healer and his spiritual guides. Some healers may also perform psychic surgery on the physical body, with or without visible incision.

The spiritistas utilise bioenergetic "passes" in order to rebalance the patient's chakras which can carry a pattern for the physically manifested illness. Rebalancing the chakras, thus creates conditions for recovery to take place. The healing energies act to strengthen either the physically damaged cellular structure or the emotional structure of the patient, or both.

Additionally, in Brazil, psychological ilness is viewed differently than in other countries. The Brazilians believe that a large percentage of psychological abnormalities have roots in the spirit ie/ in cellular memory of a previous incarnation as well as looking at present life behaviour. In such cases, spiritistas often "observe" the presence of spirits holding a negative sentiment toward the patient.

The discarnate intelligence is believed to concentrate its negative energy in such a way as to cause harm and disturbance to the patient leading to the manifestation of various forms of neuroses, psychoses or mental illness. In these cases, a special type of "rescue seance" is performed, wherein the medium or psychic healer attempts to communicate with the discarnate spirit believed to be causing the disturbance. The communication is always friendly and is similar to psychotherapy.

The group director is usually the therapist in charge of showing the spirit the damage it is inflicting upon the patient and of convincing the spirit to stop and leave the life of the patient. However, without the recognition of the principle cause of the problem, permanent healing cannot take place. In order for permanent, long-lasting healing to occur, the patient must be willing to change the negative attitudes, values and behaviour that has attracted the negative entity to him in the first place.

Without such a transformation, the accumulated negativity will not be released and any healing will be temporary. Such transformation of the patient's inner life is also recognised as necessary in other belief systems. To summarise, paranormal therapies in Brazil are given without charge and are performed on both spiritual and physical planes. They emphasise healing at the level of spiritual consciousness (soul).

In Brazil, psychic surgery and healing follow a master plan that has ethical, moral and religious connotations. The majority of psychic surgeons in Brazil are Spiritists.
As previously stated, the medium or psychic believes healing energy emanates from the creator and thus they, as well as the cooperative healing entities, are merely instruments involved in the healing process and as such they willingly and humbly volunteer their services to their fellowman in the spirit of self-sacrifice and without need of monetary reward. Physical instruments, such as knives and scissors, are often used during Brazilian psychic surgery.

The instruments provide evidence and proof of the spiritual dimension. The fact is that the disembodied spirits really do not need to work directly on the physical body because any paranormal healing always occurs at the level of the astral body.
The astral body organises the physical, so the enlightened intelligence behind these healing experiments, allow the use of surgical instruments of any type in order to present the skeptical with undeniable proof denying the skeptic of his best argument. It is an especially striking experience for one to witness these surgeries which are performed without anaesthetic, without antiseptics and without pain on an awake, alert and conversing patient.

During psychic surgery, the enlightened consciousness uses a form of energy that can best be described as similar to a laser light beamed across the physical body. This energy serves to separate the astral body from the physical in a very specific region, thus allowing penetration of the surgical instrument with minimal or no bleeding. Furthermore, in some cases, these psychic surgeries can be performed distantly.

In some cases where the patient has undergone a distant procedure, the marks of the surgery, the scar and even the internal sensations of instruments moving inside the patients body have been reported. There have also been reports of patients who smelled ether or other medicinal scents in the room. In summation, all paranormal surgeries in Brazil are performed free of charge to the patient, reflecting the ethical and moral connotation of a plan previously established by the guides of the Spiritist movement.

The healing occurs at the level of the spiritual body. The Spiritist Doctrine believes that healing emanates from the Creator and is only given to those who merit and deserve it. Without such merit, they believe that healing does not occur and that the most effective healing necessitates the individual's inner transformation. Physical ailments are viewed as a means of prodding us forward, as a way of acelerating spiritual evolution and illness can serve as a way to awaken the individual to the spiritual dimensions.

Allan Kardec explained that permanent healing is always of the spirit, which temporarily inhabits the physical body. Physical experience is like an exhortation from the natural laws providing an opportunity for the spirit to advance along his/her pathway to perfection. Allan Kardec wrote that one must search and attain spiritual health before physical health can be realised on a permanent basis.

The effectiveness of any healing is a function of the individual's motivation and willingness to sublimate his/her thoughts, ideals, attitudes and moral values to the service of the Creator. In essence, a healing provides both the time and opportunity to reform and change one's ways, similarly to what occurs when we receive any healing of the physical body.

Physical healing is always temporary healing if spiritual healing is not also involved. Healing of the spirit gives the individual the time to learn, to perform god deeds, to aquire new merit and to create positive Karma, allowing the person to create positive causes in the present which will lead to positive effects in a later incarnation.

Many different paranormal healing processes are found in Brazil mostly due to the size of the country (the fourth largest in the world). Most groups are classed as spiritualists due to their use of psychic channeling. and many of these groups make use of crystals, pyramids, incense or myrrh, and even natural elements such as teas and herbs.
However, followers of the Spiritist Doctrine of Allan Kardec do not rely on such material intermediaries, prefering instead to contact and worship the Creator in a direct way, without the use of material goods.
They do not however oppose other groups ways of doing things, understanding that groups who share different philosophies may make use of other methodologies.
Further, the Spiritists never recommend that a patient give up the resources of traditional, conventional medicine and in this regard, view paranormal healing as a comlement to traditional medicine in most cases, especially in the case of patients who are very frail and weak.

The Spiritists (Espiritistas) in Brazil have had marked success in the treatment of schizophrenic patients that modern medicine had all but given up on. When a case is of a psychological nature, such as schizophrenia, the Spiritists believe that this is many times caused or aggravated by a disturbed spirit. On commencing treatment, they recommend that the patient continue his psychiatric treatment and medications, viewing the paranormal treatment as complementary, but that he discontinue any addictive drugs.

In the case of infectious, contagious illness, the patient is encouraged to take the necessary chemical drugs and preventative measures in addition to the spiritual treatment so that there is a greater probability of obtaining effective, long-lasting healing if the energies of the various chemical components are combined with the spiritual energies. The patient's attitude is a crucial factor which plays a major role in any healing. A positive attitude helps in gaining attunement with the spiritual guides and doctors who are directly involved in the healing.
The religious, philosophical and political beliefs of the patient are considered to be secondary to his positive attitude and deep desire to be healed. Divaldo Franco believed that almost 90% of all confirmed cases of schizophrenia have roots in the behaviour of an individual in a previous lifetime.

By the time a schizophrenic patient is brought to a Spiritist Centre, he has already been subjected to all forms of conventional medicine and treatment - usually without success. As a result, the patient is highly intoxicated with chemicals of all types. Therefore, a period of physical deconditioning is required in which the patient is advised to gradually decrease the use of the drugs. At the same time, the spiritists begin bioenergetic healing on a very regular basis and a special seance ("rescue seance") is called on behalf of the patient. The object of the rescue seance is to provide therapy to the negative entity, encouraging him to leave the schizophrenics life. It is absolutely essential that these treatments are complemented by a change in the patients outlook on life and as such, the patient is helped to develop a more positive viewpoint and to soften his stance in life. In more severe cases, in which the patient is hallucinating and detached from normal physical reality, the spiritists work with him in a somewhat different manner, sitting with him, reading messages of moral transformation and christianisation of values.

The Spiritists believe that although the messages do not reach the brain, they are still received on the spiritual level and this information is recorded in the subconscious mind. Over a long period of time, this information will be internalised and will help to change the patient's extraphysical mind and ultimately filter into the consciousness and physical body as well. Other factors besides past incarnations are also felt to be involved in the etiology of these psychological abnormalities. These include childhood, education and socio-economic pressures as well as certain infectious or other disease processes that have affected the physical or nervous system of the individual. No matter what the physical cause may be involved in the onset of psychological problems, there is always a major cause at the astral level as well.

The development of Kirlian photography, in Russia, has contributed most to our present understanding of the healing process, providing empirical evidence of healing, showing that the energies of a patients astral body, the so called "bioplasmic body", is markedly reduced or diminished in some areas. A picture of the healer, prior to healing, reveals that his bioplasmic body is highly charged with energy. During therapy, there will be a transfer of energies and so, if another photograph were to be taken at the end of the session, it would reveal an increase of energy in the patient's bioplasmic body, as he is seen to hold more energy.

The colours in the photograph would also have changed after and as a result of this energetic transfer. Simultaneously, the healer will show a small reduction in energy, which will quickly be replenished. In order to continually and effectively replenish his/her own energies, the medium must take appropriate care of his/her physical and mental life.

My friend Joyce told me of another doctor, Thelma Moss (a parapsychologist in California), who was able to show similar transfer of healing energy from healer to patient while working with Kirlian photography at UCLA. Another way to validate a healing is to first run all laboratory and blood tests on a patient in order to develop a profile of his present medical state. The healing is then given (the amount of sessions required) and the same test battery is performed at various stages of healing as well as upon termination of treatment.

The results can then be compared and in Brasil, it has been empirically demonstrated that a major change (improvement) occured in these types of studies. Since the patients tested never ingested any other drug or chemical during the treatment period, the only conclusion which could be drawn was that the psychic healing had a measureable and positive physical impact.

Before anyone can assist in the permanent healing of another human being, they must work on their own inner transformation, so as to lessen the risk to their own spiritual being when undertaking this work. Students are required to study and to expand their knowledge on all aspects of healing as well as the basic principles of the Spiritist Doctrine in order to understand the relationship between the physical and spiritual worlds. In order to work in the frontier between the two worlds, one needs a deep understanding of the energies he/she will be channeling.

The fact is that we all live in a universe of waves and minds. Divaldo Franco stated that according to his guides, there is a population of approximately 28 billion souls around the planet, Earth. Therefore, any channel who fails to take proper care of his/her inner life, or becomes ego-centred or prideful, exposes themself to attunement with negative, discarnate intelligence possessing the same moral qualities - like attracts like. If this should happen, the discarnate intelligence becomes a burden in the life of the healer.

The Spiritists do not insist upon the development of any specific type of mediumship. Instead, our experience has taught us that it is best to allow the individual to manifest his/her particular gift in whatever form that develops and then to encourage the further development of that special ability. So, with this in mind, they first begin with the candidate's personal transformation and initial expression of their abilities. Then they encourage them to attend meetings in which topics related to spiritual awareness are discussed.

As the particular psychic gift becomes more clearly manifested and the candidate grows in self awareness, they are invited to more formal classes and this completes the first stage of training. During the second stage, the Spiritists begin working more directly to develop the predominant gifts of the student, eg/ clairvoyance, channeling, automatic writing, healing etc.

The candidate also becomes involved in service with a healing group. The healing potential is then measured and assessed by following the reported improvement and sucess of patients seen by the healer-candidate. Once they are convinced that a candidate possesses true healing abilities, as well as the willingness to undertake the necessary inner work towards transformation, they move to in-depth studies of all the known healing modalities such as bioenergetic passes, psychic surgery etc. They teach specialised forms of healing for specific diseases and many special techniques as well. One such example is the "healing breath" or "healing blow", which is a special technique in which intense charges of physical magnetism are transferred to the patient.

The final stage instructs the student on how to conduct group healings. Throughout the training, the candidate is required to practice daily meditation, prayer and reflections on his/her life and work in order to develop a more intense spiritual life. By doing this, they become far more effective healers. The process of inner work coupled with practice and service on a regular basis requires time and patience as certain abilities can only be developed over time. The Spiritists prefer to proceed at a slow, natural pace that allows the full expression of the candidate's abilities to unfold. They also view each candidate as a special world in themselves and so techniques helpful to one medium may be less so to another.

Thus their training is tailored to the individual needs and abilities of each candidate. An element of extreme importance to the developmental process is the humility of the medium who acknowledges the source, responsibility and reason for his divine gift in this lifetime. Humility is an indication of inner transformation and enables the candidate to become a more pliable instrument in his work with the enlightened discarnates.


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