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Regression Course
Mediumship Course
Self Empowerment
Divine Connection and Meditation Course

I am happy to announce that now in 2008 my Basic Entity Clearance Course which had started in the first week of July 2002 and is running on a continuous basis since then still is a favorite among my new students.

The course is available via a special list which is set up specifically for course members. As in past I will post information, activities etc once per week which will be the equivalent information to that which I would expect to get through in a two hour period of teaching if I was to share this with you all in a class room environment. I will be accessable to answer questions and queries at any time either via this list or personally at .

The cost for this course is set at $695 (Australian) including a $150 non-refundable deposit, which I am sure you will find to be a reasonable fee.

This course is extensive and covers many different areas of Spirit Releasement and already has been followed up by more specific courses (demonology, Alien attachments etc) although all subjects will be touched on here.

Prerequisites for this course include a full length photograph of each participant for scanning purposes (which can be sent either via the net or via snailmail) and a short profile telling who you are, why you would like to learn about entity clearance and what drew you to this path.

I hope that this information is helpful to you all and that you will feel free to pass it on to anyone else who may be interested in the field of entity clearance.

I look forward to your responses and in the meantime send you much love and many blessings.

Tammie Olsen


Online Courses

Entity Clearance

(e-group course, Clearers Manual provided)


Training in Entity Clearance Therapy
This course is designed to take a controversial topic and make it accessible to everyone by presenting historical, theoretical and practical details on the complete constellation of Entity Clearance techniques and the treatment of the demonic. This course will provide the student with a practical presentation on how to implement procedures and techniques for entity clearance in a safe and protected environment, including scanning techniques for the location of entity, alien and demonic attachments and remote treatment techniques. Available as an entire course for a total cost of $695.00 Australian, or in units, on a pay as you go basis for those who would find a lump sum payment too restricting.

Advanced Entity Removal and Soul Retrieval


(Includes courses in Demonology and Alien Identification)

Soul-Light-Journey Course

(e-group, Regression Manual provided)


Training for Soul-Light-Journeying
Course designed to provide you with all of the tools required to facilitate an altered state of consciousness for another person, so that they may discover their life's purpose and enter a state of absolute bliss which is profound and powerful, connecting them with their own higher guidance in full consciousness, with full recall. Each journey is unique, and may take the subject forward to discover their current life's purpose and blueprint or back into past incarnations in order that they may find keys to unlock mysteries relating to their current behaviour, health or mindset which may lie far in the past. Soul-Light-Journeys can also delve into the birth process and its effects on the subject, so that basically every aspect of our lives, past and present can be accessed in a safe and nurturing environment, to facilitate healing and blockage removal. Learn to facilitate an altered state of awareness and connect others with Higher Guidance in full consciousness 

Regression Course

This Regression course is intended to provide a comprehensive knowledge of resources which will enhance the skills of anyone interested in pursuing studies in Past Life Regression whether this involves enhancing existing skills and boosting confidence or introducing completely new concepts to someone with a newly found interest in this field.

Regression Therapy is an effective approach to discovering issues carried with an individual from a past incarnation which affect the current physical life time or reconnecting with your lifes blueprint via guided imagery facilitating an out of body experience. Within this course we will learn how to work with the deeper intuitive self to find the underlying cause of problems and issues which will enable afflicted individuals to move forward to make constructive life changes.

Sometimes the root causes of problems cannot be found in this lifetime and as a result it becomes important to be able to go back to previous existences to explore and heal the locked- in beliefs, patterns, illnesses, unfinished business trauma that our unconscious mind can take with us from life to life. Within this course such techniques will be mastered

Course Content

Course duration
10 weeks

$50.00 AUD enrolment fee

$50.00 AUD per class (pay as you go)

Lesson One -
Present Life Recall

Lesson Two -
Birth Regression

Lesson Three -
Past-Life Therapy to heal present life conflicts
Accessing and utilising memories of reincarnation
Recognising clues to past life trauma

Lesson Four -
Soul fragment recovery
Collecting and reintegrating the fragmented and separated parts of the personality.

Lesson Five -
Basic Soul Rescue utilising regression techniques and altered states
Discovering instances of possibly attachment vulnerability.

Lesson Six -
Perception and Misperception of a present traumatic event

Lesson Seven -
Interpretation and Misinterpretation of the misperception

Lesson 8 -
Comparison with earlier similar events to evaluate any threats to survival in the present - leading to erroneuos assessment

Lesson 9 -
Innappropriate reactions to present situations
Guided imagery
Direct suggestion

Lesson 10 -
Non-hypnotic Inductions
State-Bound Memory
Metaphoric Induction
The Affect Bridge
The Somatic Bridge
The Linguistic Bridge

Payment can be arranged via Bank Draft, Money order (Australian Customers only) or Paypal.

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Mediumship Course

This course is designed to connect you directly with crossed-over spirit via trance wherein the medium allows his or her mind to be used as an instrument by the higher Universal Intelligence which can be accessed by humankind for the purpose of communicating psychic information (past, present and future) and for receiving comfort and guidance (spiritual and practical).

This High Level Course takes you to the next level of Mediumship enabling you to expand your mediumship abilities to a professional level allowing you to identify spirit, connect to authentic sources and confidently deliver accurate information.

This course is suitable for anyone who has the desire to explore and expand their mediumship gifts, and anyone who has a passion to contact crossed over individuals, or access guides and spiritual information. This Course is highly applicable for individuals sincerely wishing to work as a Professional Medium, by teaching preparation for Personal Readings, Platform Work, Space Clearing and Spirit Rescue.

Course Summary

Duration: 10 weeks
Classes: one class per week.

Fees -
$20.00AUD Enrolment Fee +

$40.00AUD per class (pay as you go)

Course Syllabus

Workings of a Trans Medium
Finding out your connection.

Tools and Protection
Grounding Meditation
Discipline in protection

How do we develop?

Working with Guides and Gatekeepers
Gatekeepers duty
Creating your process with guides.

Strengthening your connections
Maintaining connections
Proof of survival.

Other Mediumistic abilities
House Clearing
Introduction to Spirit Rescue Work.

Learning your process for readings/clients
Refining your skill.

Delivering to other individuals
Techniques to connect and deliver
Refining your method.

LESSON 9 Proficiency with guides whilst channelling
Refining delivery
More identification techniques
Strengthening confidence.

Platform Work
Selection of Gatekeeper for group work
Working with Recieved Information.

Payment can be arranged via Bank Draft, Money order (Australian Customers only) or Paypal.

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Self Empowerment

Manifesting your Desires I can help you to clear away your old "not worthy" belief systems and give you the foundations and tools that you need for authentic empowerment so that you may become the master of your own life path using the principles of the Law of Attraction to help you to remember how to connect to your unlimited creative potential.

Course duration: 10 Weeks One Class per week

$50.00 AUD enrolment

$45.00 AUD per class - pay as you go

Lesson 1 - Introduction
The way that everything we experience reflects upon our inner self
The Universal Law of Attraction
How have we chosen our experiences

Lesson 2 - Being Unlimited
Who are you - Discovering your true self
How all life is connected
We already are everything we desire

Lesson 3 - Belief Systems
Creating our own reality

Lesson 4 - Emotional Programming
Learning what separates us from our potential

Lesson 5 - Emotional Reprogramming
Overcoming our programming

Lesson 6 - Creating faith in Self
Learning to embrace and find clarity in our emotional self so that we can begin the process of manifesting

Lesson 7 - Reaching Manifestation
Lifting our vibration so that we can move out of fear and into personal power and developing emotional openness so that we are able to put our energy "out there" -
Clearing emotional resistance.

Lesson 8 - Deservedness
Developing clear intent without compromising your honour so as to raise the bar in regards to what you can achieve and recieve.

Lesson 9 - Manifestation Procedures
Learning techniques for visualisation and gratitude and making declarations and affirmations.

Lesson 10 - Detachment to Recieve
Reflecting your manifestations so that you can recieve them whilst being in service to Spirit and your Higher Self

Payment can be arranged via Bank Draft, Money order (Australian Customers only) or Paypal.

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Divine Connection and Meditation Course

Within this course we will learn the processes of becoming a Divine Creator of the experience you choose to experience as you discover how to be crystal clear in your intent thus removing all resistance.

This is a 10 week course which is complimentary to the Manifest Your Desires Course. Within the meditation course you will be shown how to implement techniques and knowledge to open up your true Personal Power and tap into the Infinite Wisdom that resides within each and every human being and authentically create a fulfilling and empowered life.

This course in Meditation and Self Empowerment will give you the opportunity to break free from pain and dysfunctional programming of the past - in order to grow towards your highest potential via the art of being still wherein we are able to do our most profound healing and integration, finding our own answers to the true purpose of our lives, direction and objectives .

Life is not meant to be difficult, so evolve into a being who enjoys the life you were born to live and live to your full potential.

By releasing your Old Negative Belief Systems you will regain the ability to connect to your True Self - the self that deserves and creates your highest ideals. Most of our life is spent in the acceptance of a reality completely related to ‘what is.’ Through this course you will develop the ability to choose exactly the reality you wish to experience through intention and clear connection with the truth that resides within you.

Course Summary:

Divine Connection & Meditation Course:
Duration: 10 weeks
Classes: one class per week.

Syllabus : See Course Syllabus below

$50.00 Enrolment Fee
$40.00 per class (pay as you go)

LESSON 1 - Introduction

What is Divine Connection?
How can Divine Connect assist you in your life?
Divine Connection as an element of the Law of Attraction.
Meditation: Feeling Divine Connection.


Deservedness in regard to Divine Connection.
Forgiveness of past Energy Sources and the process of connecting to your own Divine Highest Good
Developing awareness in regard to True Self and Ego.
Meditation: Removing Ego Blockages and allowing in the energy of your Divine Highest Good.


Trusting our inner urgings so that we might become a Divine Creator of our own destiny.
Trusting Ourselves, the Source and the Life Process.
Meditation: Empowering Trust and the Divine Creator Within.


Co-creating Perfect Love, Success and Happiness with Universal Energies.
Using ‘negative feedback’ to decide what you really want and need in your life.
Setting Clear Intents.
Meditation: Discovering your true intentions.


Strengthening Faith.
Giving Gratitude.
Ongoing surrender of Blockages, Fears and Ego Sabotage.
Perceptions, Treatments and Self Reflection.
Meditation: Residing in Faith.


Clearing the way: Removing internal and external clutter.
Meditation: Clearing the chakras.
Processes to connect with Divine Guidance.
Meditation: Receiving Divine Guidance.


Increasing your Connection to the Divine.
Receiving messages from your Divine Connection.
Learning to trust in your Connection.
Meditation: Clearing and energizing channels for Increased Connection.


Manifestation Exercises - Part One.
Why must we offer new thought to our life?
“My Manifestation Creation”.
“My New Intention Creation.”
Meditation: All the New and Wonderful Things I Deserve


Manifestation Exercises: Part Two
Manifestation through the Sleep and Dream State.
Focused Positive Transformation.
Meditation: Vibrational Manifestation.


Divine Connection and Meditation Daily and Life Plan.
Manifestation Declarations.
Adding to and strengthening Desires.
Removing Resistance - Chosen Techniques.
Meditation: Allowing My Highest Good.

Payment can be arranged via Bank Draft, Money order (Australian Customers only) or Paypal.

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