W hat our work is NOT about:

Most certainly we do NOT encourage or support any attempts of people :

About those DO NOTS we are very serious and will take all possible legal actions against those who disregard these simple rules!

W hat our work then is about:

Our aim is to help people spiritually to live freely, independant of any negative energies or entities that affect their lives in an adverse way! We can only do this with the permission of the person afflicted by these negative energies or a close member of the immediate family of such a person who can demonstrate to us the need for such a course of action to be taken due to the person involved being unable to make such a decision for themselves at any given time. This action will not be undertaken lightly as, although, on a spiritual level it is possible for us to take such action provided the Higher Self of the person involved agrees, respect for free will demands that we await their physical permission before proceeding.

We work on Spiritual bodies, not physical bodies and as such, we are not Medical Practitioners. We offer no medical advice, although being cleared of negativity can and often will improve your health or uncover underlying issues which will require medical treatment. We advise that medical advice is sought for any ailments which may be present and that under no circumstances should any clearance participants change or cease any medication or treatment without your health practitioners advice.

We can remove a negative energy from you and provide advice on protective measures to prevent reattachment, however, we cannot guarantee reattachment by these or other energies. This depends on you.

All participants in Clearances and Journeys are required to sign an authority giving permission for the process to begin. All Clearances and Journeys are taped for your information and we do not use or encourage the use of subliminal messages.

Many times, before Liz and I begin a Journey or an entity clearance on a person, that person experiences skepticism relating to what we are doing and of course, whether the process will have any effect at all on them and their life. Many are even doubtful as to whether or not they even have an entity as oftentimes, they will have had the being for so long on their
journey, that the behaviour that it stimulates will be more "normal" than any other.

As far as this goes, the main arguments in favour of the existence of entities and how they effect those to whom they attach are as follows:

* Before undertaking a Soul Light Journey or an Entity Clearance, the client is led into a meditative state and out of their physical body to a position above where they are able to have a direct experience with any negative energy or entity which may be attached to their energy bodies. Here they are able to see and feel it for themselves as a presence,
separate from their own body and clearly distinct from themselves, and will be asked to describe anything that they can "see" or feel which is unusual or uncomfortable. The reports can vary greatly from pain or discomfort felt to the sighting of dark "blobs" or even quite detailed descriptions of actual beings. At no time are clients told what to see or feel and the experience
is so tangible that they rarely have any doubt as to whether or not it really exists after the event:)))

* As we move further into the actual clearance of the being, the perception of the entity is usually even more precise with clients not only feeling the presence if they have been unable to visualise it initially, but very often being able to see it in detail and even to ask it questions as to it's origins and it's intent. This helps us in ascertaining the effect that it has had on the clients lifestyle and behaviour and enables us to remove it more successfully and easily.

* After the clearance, the client will feel that the presence is no longer attached and this can be an emotional business. The first few days after the clearance can be very difficult and the client may experience many swings in mood and demeanour. We recommend a series of healings to follow as the energy settles and balances. Over the next few weeks there
will be a marked improvement in the symptoms which were related to the attachment.

* Entity related symptoms and behaviours usually do not respond or have long term relief under conventional or even alternative forms of therapy. Clients often go to many therapists without experiencing any real relief and
they find that it is only when (often as a last resort) they contact us and allow the entity clearance to go ahead that the symptoms begin to fade and disappear.

* To us as Soul Rescuers, entities are extremely tangible. Extracting them can be extremely difficult and very tiring as often they are unwilling to leave due to their own fears, guilt over physical wrong doings that they may have been a part of during their physical incarnations and must be encouraged, cajoled and at times forcibly evicted. Energetically speaking
this is none too easy and this is why clearances cannot be done enmasse. Two to three hours daily is about the maximum for this kind of work in order that energy levels be maintained.

* Clearance work is extremely ritualistic and each ritual is performed with a particular purpose aimed at safety (for both the client and the clearer) and the overall sucess of the clearance.
There will always be skeptics as is the case with any "alternative" treatment - especially among those who have never been afflicted with this kind of attachment (or wouldn't be open to admitting it:)) It is not rare to have clients who enter the treatment in desparation totally disbelieving in the existence of entities until they themselves discover one!!
Our attitude to that is simple...with entities as with anything else that relates to consciousness, seeing is believing and only direct experience can bring proof!

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