"Energetic Causes of Illness"

Synchronicity is the word used to describe occurrences which are too significant to be coincidental on a spiritual level and as such some illnesses and injuries seem predestined in order to provide an opportunity for inner change and healing to take place.

An illness or injury may be chosen by an individual soul, not only to heal some aspect of the individuals consciousness but also to heal some aspect of the greater group consciousness. These kinds of occurrences result from the Law of Sacrifice where the well being or consciousness of many makes advances due to the suffering of a few.

Our bodily issues and problems can serve as a indication of our psychological evasions and as we evolve through our lives, so do the challenges that we face. These tests are not easy and as such, because we would ignore or avoid them if we had the choice, the bodies distress serves two purposes. Firstly it alerts us that we have an issue existing which demands to be addressed and secondly it ensures that the consequences of ignoring our issues are too painful or costly to endure in the long term.

The human body is incapable of dishonesty and as a result it reacts to its circumstances with no judgement, only pure instinct and emotion, blushing, blanching, pupil dilation, teeth chattering, jaws clenching, palms sweating...humiliating us with an untimely erections, failing us by trembling or fainting...simply exposing us to the human part of us that we are trying so hard to hide.

Our physical body exists on a physical level, nourished by physical matter whilst out energetic bodies are nourished through the chakra system via matter stemming from their respective planes.

When distortion is present in one of these bodies the flow of energy is also distorted and/or blocked and prolonged distortion advances in the energetic planes until it manifests as disease such as one would see in cases of cancer and the like. At the same time, brief but severe periods of dissonance can contribute to more short-lived illnesses such as headaches, colds and flus.


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