Info on "birth trauma"


From the stage of life just before incarnation, Spirit moves into the earth plane to locate the woman who will provide its vehicle for reentry into a physical form and be it's mother in it's next incarnation.

Within the Journey, the subject will be guided to the experience of mother and father as they join for conception. This interaction can be a loving, romantic setting, a rape, incest or some other such event as these souls have chosen.

During the Journey, as the moment of conception is reexperienced, a person may experience a sense of electric shock which begins at the crown and envelops the entire body.

The emotions and sensations involved in the relationship between the mother and father will be reexperienced both good and bad eg/ the moment that mummy discovers she's pregnant, daddy's reaction etc have the ability to set the emotional tone for the life to come, be it positive or negative. If several months pass between conception and the discovery of the pregnancy, the feeling for the being may be one of invisibility. This can also foretell an attitude within the family.

Pregnancy can terminate by miscarriage if the Spirit's desire to leave is strong enough. Early cot death may also result from the unwillingness of the spirit to engage in life and any thoughts the parents may have about abortion can affect this. The subject may react strongly as these memories are uncovered.

At this point, the incoming spirit knows everything that is transpiring and reacts as an ego. During the Journey, we will guide you through a thorough exploration of these responses by your parents. A strong or painful reaction which still affects present day relationships can be used as a bridge to a past-life trauma which was carried into the prebirth scenario. Often this will uncover a time when parent/child roles were reversed. As we explore this interaction, the resistance (anger, animosity, resentment etc) to the present life circumstances often dissolves.

From here we proceed to the time of delivery. The subject may now describe incredible head pressure, and a feeling of being squeezed. There may be resistance to leaving the security of the womb, but physiology moves on regardless, leading sometimes to breech presentation at birth.

Finally, just as the infant feels about to be crushed, the pressure against the top of the head eases as the cervix begins to dilate. In the birth canal they are squeezed with a combination of pleasure and pain, fear and resistance. As the child emerges they see bright light and feel the inevitable separation from Mother.

If there is anaesthesia, the infant experiences separation mentally as well as physically, feels abandoned, rejected and doesn't understand what is happening. This perception of separation can develop into separation anxiety which can pervade an entire lifetime. This is often acompanied by anger, which cannot be expressed and should be at this point during the Journey by the subject...release and let it go.

Here, we are able to determine the anger's source, expectations before incarnation, agreements made with the mother in the planning stage prior to conception and what agreements were broken at conception. Anger is often about broken agreements. At this time, we are able to uncover memories and allow expression of these. This enables forgiveness and healing to take place and conflicts to be resolved.

Birth Journeying is deeply profound and can lead to clarity as much of the distortion of the present lifetime is uncovered and healing is enabled.

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