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The concept of reincarnation implies the possibility of embodiment and re-embodiment of the eternal spirit and the continuation of the soul consciousness, from one physical lifetime to the next. This ancient doctrine holds that spirit separates from the Divine Source (God, Goddess, Universe etc) and leaves as a spark of Divine Consciousness. Within it's spiritual journey, this Divine Spark may choose to experience existence through physicality and this draws the soul consciousness into the realm of carnal pleasure, which repeatedly draw it back into physical existence until such time as all physical experiences have been savoured and learned from.

During the course of a human lifetime, the conscious mind, or ego develops false assumptions, in turn drawing baseless conclusions, which lead to faulty judgements and survival based decisions. These things when combined with interaction with other spirits in human form lead to emotional turmoil and residues of anger, resentment, fear, sadness, loss, guilt, remorse, distorted love and pain when love is unrequited or lost.

Physical residues are also accumulated, resulting from any injury or surgery to the body and subsequent lives may show evidence of this in the form of illness, accident, physical tendencies (obesity) or even birthmarks at the site of what was perhaps a mortal wound.
These mental, emotional and physical residues are carried through each lifetime, distorting experience much like a filter over a camera lens.

In the stage between lives, where the spirit rejoins the Light for a time, conditions are designed for the coming physical incarnation. Beings involved in past interactions come together in order to develop situations which allow for the resolution of their residues and the evolving of inner harmony.

However, once enmeshed in the incarnation, memory of the greater spiritual reality is lost and although the planned situations arise, free will allows the spirit to choose its direction. Some choices lead to resolution and growth, others to fear, conflict and the persistence and aggravation of the residues. The outcomes only affect those who are making the choices and so there is no Higher judgement of these as right or wrong.

The Higher Self retains the memories of every thought, emotional feeling, motive, desire, behaviour and full sensory recall of every physical experience from every incarnation as well as from the non-physical experience since the first separation from the Source and this total memory is apparently related to the so-called Akashic Record which embodies the total record of everything which has ever occured and that which ever will occur.

From a spiritual place of honesty and perfect integrity, each spark strives to balance the ego with learning and growth in the higher human qualities such as honesty, patience, altruism, honour, loyalty, integrity and love in all of its many forms. In this way, we seek perfection, to manifest the seed of the Source which lies at the core of every one of us.

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Many people reject the idea of looking to past lifetimes to understand problems that they are currently experiencing, however, in doing this, they are often missing the core point of trauma. Past life memories may come to us in many guises (deja vu; recurrent dreams of either a specific location or frightening event; a crippling phobia or unexplained, groundless fear). For example, people who have a fear of water, public speaking or heights often uncover the memory of a death by drowning, hanging or burning at the stake in front of a crowd, or falling from a great height.

As these past life traumas are explored and resolved, oftentimes these phobias totally cease to exist for the person and as a result, past life therapy is being effectively used all over the world by mental health professionals. The discovery of a painful past life memory can assist in the resolution of any remaining emotional issues, or unfinished business left over from that incarnation, thus resolving the related issues which may have been present in this incarnation.

The Soul Fragment which has been brought forward into the current incarnation as a result of the unfinished business in its past is guided away from the current body and integrated into the Light, often resulting in a description of the experience as being similar to a near death experience (NDE). With this process, many emotional problems and conflicts can be quickly resolved along with many physical ailments which may have been considered psychosomatic.

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Our mind records everything that has ever occurred to us since our first perception, existence, creation and this record includes thoughts, sounds, feelings, attitudes, biases and all other experiences. These records are always accessible through the subconscious and include memories of not only this lifetime, but others as well.

85% of the religions on this planet have a fundamental belief in reincarnation and past lives...that they will actually admit to:)))

There are usually 3 basic reasons for people to seek a Past Life Journey and these are: Curiosity (ie who was I, where did I live? etc) Spiritual growth (discovery of life blue print, acceleration of one's spiritual growth through the viewing of past mistakes/lessons) and Therapeutic (resolving current issues which originate in past incarnations - unfinished business).

Dr Edith Fiore was one of the pioneers of Past Life Therapy and said that over 95% of people's current issues result from Past life experiences, in the form of unfinished business, unresolved experiences etc. These issues can include such things as fears, phobias, physical ailments, weight, addictions, abandonment, self image issues, relationship difficulties etc,etc,etc...

Prior to entering into a new incarnation, we make various decisions relating to our upcoming life. These decisions include gender, race, geographic location, religion, appearance, karmic lessons, disabilities and unresolved issues. These provide the bulk of our "free will" choices and are actually made prior to us even getting here!

As Spirits, we are completely responsible for making our own decisions, however, although we make these choices prior to birth, and even conception, they are buried deep within our unconscious mind which means that they are not consciously remembered once birth occurs. Our soul, however, remembers and if these are the choices that we have made and the lessons that we have come here to learn, then this is what we must do. Free will does not come into it as far as whether or not we will learn these lessons or have these experiences. We are destined to do so. The only choices we now have in this regard is how long it will take us. We can resist our path for as long as we like if we wish to do so. We can choose to back track or stop completely, however, when we do decide to move, our path will invariably continue as we chose it to be in those pre conception days:)))

As Souls, once life begins, we retain individual choice and the accountability for those choices. With this in mind, we are able to change our minds and so, although, for example we may have chosen to come to learn about trust, experiences and changing circumstances may mean that it takes us more than one incarnation to do that. Nevertheless, the lesson is eventually learned...the easy way, or the hard way.

In exploring Past Lives in a Soul Light Journey, it is important to distinguish between Past Life Regression and Past Life Therapy. A Soul Light Journey is usually initially undertaken for curiosities sake, however, this can become therapy when it is used to provide resolution and healing of past life issues and events. Belief in reincarnation is unnessecary for this process to work.

Past Life memories may come to us in many ways eg/ dejavu about people or places, recurrent dreams or an unexplained fear or phobia. Quite often, people who fear water, public speaking or heights etc etc, uncover traumatic past life experiences that explain them. As these traumas are explored and resolved in past life therapy, the phobias often cease to exist.

Actual occurrences from beyond our current lifetime are recorded in the deep subconscious part of ourselves. These events affect us just as events of significance from childhood do, even though we don't remember them. Ancient memories from previous existences can have the same prayerful impact on our current lifetimes.

Past life patterns can influence a persons behaviour, attitudes, likes and dislikes, relationships, phobias and almost every other aspect of life. Soul Light Journeys can assist a person to uncover past life events which could be the cause of unwanted and non-useful behaviours and chronic health and life style problems in this incarnation. Once the cause of a behaviour is discovered, it can be resolved and healed.

Resolution of past life trauma can ease or resolve presentlife conflicts, by eliminating residue from the prior incarnation. Healing of this trauma in the present moment involves the resolution of the unfinished business from the past incarnation which continues to influence a person's emotional balance.

Many emotional problems and conflicts can be quickly and effectively resolved through Soul Light Journeying.

Within a Soul Light Journey relating to past lives, the subject is guided to locate the source or cause of the problems from which they are suffering. Their own guides will reveal the time, place and circumstances and we will set about making new belief statements, which will set aside mental residue.

During this process, the entire meaning of an event or lifetime can be changed leaving no emotional charge on these formerly traumatic events.

Issues that are often encountered and successfully treated through Soul Light Journeys include unfounded fears, phobias; eating disorders; relationship issues; physical ailments; finding the life purpose, recovering lost talents or exploring lifetimes in historic times of interest.

With the knowledge and wisdom gained through Soul Light Journeys and the power of forgiveness the emotional residue of past incarnations can be healed, allowing people to live more fully in the moment and the best part about that is that it is a direct and swift way of reaching issues, allowing them to be resolved immediately with lasting results.

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