"Soul Fragmentation"




In the native tradition of Shamanism, illness was an indication that the soul had vacated the body. The shaman would then journey into the underworld to retrieve the soul and return it to the body, restoring health and promoting wholeness.

In the process of entity clearance, it is not unusual to find fragments of the mind or soul of someone else, either living or dead attached as an entity. Fragmentation seems to be a condition which is common and usually stems from a perceived traumatic situation in life, ranging in severity from minor to major, real or imagined.

Life in the human form can be considered as a physical experience for a spiritual being and in the process of this human experience, many people suffer traumas, which are primarily physical or emotional. Physical traumas leading to soul fragmentation can be any form of bodily intrusion, where there is a real or imagined threat to survival. These are things such as surgery, organ donation, transplants, amputations, beatings, combat situations, wounds incurred during a period of high emotion, shattering of bodies by explosion, decapitation, severing of genitals or other extremities and any manner of other things which cause intense emotional residue.

Any type of sexual abuse, rape or incest usually causes some kind of fragmentation of the personality and the degree depends upon the individual and their ability to cope with what has happened.

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