"Spirit possession"




Spirit possession is the full or partial takeover of a living human by a discarnate or non-physical being.

This is recognized and theorized in almost every culture over every age and involves a disembodied consciousness, spirit, soul, entity, demon or other vibrational being attaching itself and merging either fully or partially with the subconscious mind and energy body of a living person, exerting some degree of control over mental, emotional and behavioural functions.

An attached entity can produce sensations and symptoms in the physical body of the host and people around the globe have described these entities as gods, demons, deities, ancestors, spirit guides, healing spirits, travelers and teachers from other planetary systems (aliens).

Spirit attachment is an ancient but enduring concept which to this day is largely ignored by the clergy and the medical profession in our largely money driven Western society. Many people affected by such attachments describe conflicts, problems and uncomfortable areas in their lives, which usually bring up feelings of anger and frustration, guilt and remorse, sadness and tears. These feelings often manifest physically as nausea, hot or cold sensations in the physical body, muscle tension and/or headaches.

There are methods of differentiating between symptoms which result from traumatic life experiences and the memories of an attached entity and as such there are specific techniques for the releasement of different types of entities.

The most commonly discovered attached entities are those of deceased human beings. The emotion and feelings connected with a sudden, traumatic death can hold a spirit earthbound. Anger, fear, jealousy, resentment, guilt, remorse and even strong love ties can interfere with a spirits normal transition to the light. The grief of a loved one can also hold a spirit back if it is ongoing. These newly deceased spirits then miss their "window" to the light and will cling to living humans who exhibit bright light as a kind of substitute for "the" light. The more evolved a living human's spirit is, the brighter their light will be and thus, the more attractive they will be to discarnates.

Other entities can include more malevolent forces. These are dark, arrogant, hostile beings who are both disruptive and destructive and will at times claim to have been followers of Satan (otherwise refered to as Lucifer, The Dark One, The Evil One, The Great One etc, etc, etc). These beings claim never to have been alive in human form and their description will conform to the classic portrayal of demons in religious circles.

Also discovered among attachments are those of aliens, extraterrestrials or ET's who are conscious, sentient beings. These beings have usually never been human (although this is not always the case) and are not deceased. They are most often not hostile or belligerent, not disruptive nor destructive (depending upon their origins) and mostly claim to be gathering information.

Others conduct experiments on humans by influencing emotions and monitoring the results, whilst still others claim to be here to assist human earthlings in their spiritual evolution, to the point of helping our people through long-predicted catastrophic earth changes. Some are further advanced in their technology than humans and some are more enlightened in their spiritual evolution. However, most of the aliens that we come across regularly in our work are not spiritually aware at all as we know this awareness to be. As travellers, they operate from self interest, exploiting without regard for the inhabitants of the planet which they are exploring at the time.

Some of these intruders claim to have no intention of interfering with the lives of their human hosts, and are simply there to gather information and scientific data. When we ask them to leave, they are apologetic and withdraw gracefully. Others refuse to leave, won't talk to us and consider us to be inferior...nothing more than lab rats to be used in their experiments. This is an indication of a more sinister purpose for their presence.

Still others proclaim arrogantly that their purpose is to conquer our planet and that they will go about doing this regardless of our concerns. In many of these cases, these ET's are themselves controlled by demonic entities and some of these aliens claim to have been with their human host for many lifetimes. Some of these beings are able to shift vibration becoming physical or non physical at will.

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