"Healing that Moves Beyond the Physical"

Our entire being, both physical and energetic is affected in some way by every experience that we have in our lives which changes our consciousness either positively or negatively. Healing can be achieved at any point in our lives, right up until the point of death as our consciousness is expanded and opportunities are presented for deeper healing on all levels.

Deep healing is always experienced as an expansion of consciousness and thus generally involves a change of heart in relation to a particular perception or thought pattern and thus healing is not always indicated by the absence of physical symptoms.

In the same way, the continuation of physical illness, even resulting in death does not mean that meaningful healing has not taken place prior to passing and often the more emotional the trauma makes us, the more meaningful the healing potential is.

Where the belief system is distorted, great healing is possible when that distortion is corrected and when one of us is healed, the whole of humanity receives this healing in terms of Universal energy, ultimately leading to the healing of the planet.

Our personal tragedies take place in a wider context which includes past, present and future and everyone associated with us, along with the wider human community are affected by the energies that such events throw out and this perspective requires acknowledgement from all of us that sometimes the greatest part of us in need or healing cannot be seen by the naked eye.


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