Today we start with a kind of email interview I have just finished helping a highschool student with a project that she was doing on "Buffy - The Vampire Slayer". Having done her research on the fictional character, she decided that she wanted to interview the real thing:))) LOL!!!

So, this is what ensued... :

*****************************T h e  i n t e r v i e w*****************************

June, 17th, 2002

Dear Sammy

Just a note to answer your questions relating to your HSC assignment. I hope that you will find them to be helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact me further or visit my website (listed below) for further information.

1. What is your profession?

My profession, in the main, is that of healer, clairvoyant, tarot reader, regressionist and entity clearer (path finder). I am the Overview Coordinator for the Quan Yin Earth Council of Women, trained in 7 modalities of Reiki as well as being attuned to Crystal and Magnified Healing. I read the Tarot both Spiritually and in the way of the Holy Qabalah and have clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient abilities.

2. What do you do in your profession?

My website will best answer this, however, basically, I use my clairvoyant and healing abilities in order to clear negative energies and entities from the auric fields of people and places.

3. What does this involve?

This (entity clearing) involves consciously astral travelling, drawing my soul up and out of my body (whilst it remains attached into my Solar Plexus), which enables me to travel distances (goegraphical and spiritual) in order to view the energetic bodies of both living beings (people and animals) and also of places and property. When negativity is found (and the subject is in agreeance) my cloeague and I then set about removing all attachments from the entity to the subject via spiritual visualisation and tools (both physical, such as incense, smudge, crystals etc and spiritual - visualisation, ritual, prayer etc).

Once attachments are removed, the subjects auric field is cleansed and negativity removed before healing is sent to them, in order to balance their energies and ease the symptoms which have been caused or exacerbated by these attachments.

4. What is your definition of the Supernatural?

My definition of the Supernatural I guess, would be any event or occurrence of a Spiritual nature which cannot be explained away by science or logic.

5. Do you believe in the Supernatural?

Yes, I believe in the Supernatural.

6. What in Particular?

I believe that there are different realms of existence which are inhabited by beings of different vibrations than our own as humans. I also believe that human souls who become disoriented or traumatised during the course of their death experience can become trapped within the fourth dimension (or lower astral) and may as a consequence, be drawn to the auric fields of living beings (humans or animals), thereby affecting their lives on all levels (emotional, physical and mental).

I also believe in the existence of lower vibrational beings (demons and the like ) who also have the ability to be drawn into the energetic fields of humans and animals, with negative effect.

7. Does your job revolve around this?

Yes, my job revolves around the Supernatural.

8. If so what do you do with them/how do you get rid of them?

Long and involved - please refer to my website.

9. What is your definition of a demon?

A demon is a lower vibrational being, responsible for helping to create a balance between spiritual darkness and light. These beings have their opposite equals in the form of what we know as Angels and Archangels.

10. Do you consider them to be evil or dangerous?

This question is relative to a person's individual interpretation of good and evil. As with most "races" or "species" of being...there are those demons who are dangerous and would be seen as evil, with extremely negative intent and others who are simply doing their job. We are all beings of "God", "The Universe" or whatever each individual refers to as the Universal Source, and so even these dark beings have their purpose within the Universe.

11. Do you practice witchcraft?

No, I do not practice witchcraft as such. I could never be bothered with all of the ritual, although, I do respect this religion as I do all others and some of our ways and techniques border on "witchy". I put this down to being born on Halloween and have a pentagram present within the lines of my left hand.

12. What witchcraft do you practice?

If I was to practice witchcraft, I would stick to a more "Goddess" oriented path in preference to Wicca, as I feel that this religion is too sexually oriented for my tastes.

13. If so for what purposes?

See answers above.

14. Do you believe in exorcism?

Well, I hope so, or my business needs a serious overhaul:)))

15. Do you practice exorcism?


16. What tools do you use and what do they do?

We use a combination of crystals, prayer, incense, smudge sticks, ritual, incantation, reiki, white light and contact with our spiritual guides, teachers and friends, angels and archangels, and ascended masters and beings who all share with us their healing energies and protection.

17. Do your religious beliefs (if any) coincide with what you do?

I tend to be free of constricting religious beliefs in the main, although I have great respect for religions in general and people's views and beliefs. My belief's come from all over and relate more to Universal Law than church related religious dogma. Almost all religions believe in the existence (in some way, shape or form) of entities and the possibility of their attachment to living people. As our clientelle come from all over the world, we do not cater to any particular religious belief system.

18. Do you know where your practices originate?

Our practices are an amalgamation of many different methods and belief systems from all over the world (ranging from Buddhist oriented cultures to Celts, Catholicism, Hindu and a multitude of others - it is not the religion which holds the importance, but the ritual or particular belief as it assists in the removal of these beings) as well as those which have been given to us directly by spirit.

19. Where did you learn your practices?

We learned of our practices from many sources (both physical via books, contact with others in this field etc and spiritual via meditation, channelled information and the like) and much research has gone into the development and protection of our techniques.

20. Do you believe in Ghosts?

Yes, I do believe in ghosts in many forms, though not strictly as the sheet over the head type:)))

21. What do you consider to be the dark side?

Any form of spirituality whose intent is not oriented with the Light or focused on the Divine Highest Good of The Universe.

22. Do you believe in Reincarnation?

Yes, I believe in reincarnation

23. If so, please explain.

Much of our work deals with "Soul Fragmentation" and "Cellular memory" left from physically, mentally or emotionally traumatic events, which have occurred in past incarnations (often repeating in each lifetime until the pattern is broken) and we are often given information relating to a past incarnation, which is the root cause of physical, emotional or mental problems in this present incarnation. Cellular memory can affect the way in which we react to a particular smell, taste, activity or even person and we will not know why.

Triggering the past life memory which has caused us to react in this way can in some cases cure the behaviour and put an end to phobias which may have been with a person throughout their life.

Manytimes, we receive this information from Spirit without knowing anything at all about the clients health (physical, mental or emotional) and with this in mind, we cannot discount reincarnation.

24. What experiences have you had with demons?

Again, too many to mention, so, check out my website. We have literally been bitten, poked, prodded, subjected to offensive odours, aches and pains, foul language and abuse by these beings and once, while asleep, I was even grabbed and awoke to a large bruise ( in the shape of a hand - thumb and finger prints) circling my wrist.

I have had demons visit me in dreams and even waken me from sleep in order to gain my attention, shaking me awake. They seek to scare and feed on this and other negative emotions, so if you show no fear you will always be safer. Protection is extremely important and this is why this type of work should NEVER be attempted by a novice.

25. Explain your work with Transcending?

My work is all about Transcending. Transcending ego, old and out dated belief systems, religious dogma, other people's egos and issues relating to it and many other things. The trick is to go with the flow so that you are never surprised.

26. How do you believe this helps people through life?

This helps people by ridding them of negativity which was never theirs in the first place, releasing old, unnecessary fears and phobias, (as well as physical, emotional and mental symptoms which have been caused or exacerbated by these attachments) allowing people to find their true life's path unencumbered.

I hope that this has helped.

Speak to you soon.

Much love


*****************************   E O M *****************************

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