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"Channeling and transcending ego"

Channeling is the process of receiving information from your spiritual guides, teachers and friends in a clear and concise way. This information, given via a clear channel is always given in a positive, true and correct manner, however, just because it is being received via spirit does not always automatically guarantee the purity of the source and we must take steps to ensure that we are well protected prior to opening up to receive such a message. If the information that is being received is overly negative then there is a good possibility that the information is coming from a negative energy and not a spirit working in the light and steps must then be taken to ascertain the origin of the communicating energy, so as to ensure a true and accurate message.

To channel clearly, the channeler needs to be connected to their guides and be able to receive information from them as it is given, without any input from the channelers own conscious mind (thoughts, interpretations or opinions). This is called transcending ego and is the main thing that can encumber any channeler, preventing them from establishing a clear connection with Spirit. When a person begins to channel spirit, it is often difficult to disengage the conscious mind and the temptation is there to add your own interpretations, thoughts or fears to the message that Spirit is attempting to put across. When this happens, the energies cease to flow clearly and the message becomes innaccurate and often difficult to extract from the other realms, causing the channeler to become tired and drained of energy.

Sometimes, the work of a channeler can be very difficult, particularly if the message given is one of a personal nature, and thus able to cause grief, irritation or embarrassment to the receiver or the person for whom the message is given. This is not the intent of Spirit as they work from a place of love and speak only in order to help those for whom the messages are sent to grow and move in the direction which they chose for themselves prior to incarnation. The object for the channeler is to raise their vibration to the level of their guides, so that they may overcome their own ego and/or embarrassment for long enough to pass the message on as they have been asked to do. Spirit says that we must lift ourselves to their level if we wish to communicate with them, as they will not come down to ours, so to that end, as a channeler, if at any point during the transcribing of a message, you become aware of yourself thinking about what is to come next, that is your cue to stop and reconnect with spirit, once again switching off your own head.

One way of channeling information is through "reading" for a person, and this can be achieved via various methods, ranging from the reading of a person's aura and energies through to using tools such as Tarot cards, Rune stones, crystals etc. These tools can be "read" with or without a connection to spirit , simply by understanding the meanings behind each card or stone and these types of readings have more propensity to being inaccurate. These readings are far more accurate if the reader has a clear spiritual connection.

Another way to channel information is to write down messages from Spirit and these can be given for the channeler personally, their friends and family or for the population at large, depending upon which spiritual beings make the effort to connect and what they have to say, or what is required at the time.

Some readers never receive messages just as some channelers are never able to read accurately, and yet others may receive many, depending upon which stage of life the person receiving is at and whether or not this is their path. At times, the person for whom the message is given may feel as though an attempt is being made to control them, either by spirit or in some cases, even by the channeler. When this occurs, it must be remembered that Spirit will only try to guide a person onto the path that they themselves chose as a part of their life's plan prior to incarnating. The information given is only ever intended to help the receiver to make the best choices at any given point in time, without taking away free will.

As the person receiving a message from Spirit through a channeler, it is best to keep in mind the ability to do things the easy or hard way. The easy way is to pay attention to the message as it is given and use the information to facilitate your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical growth within a particular situation, without fighting against what you may perceive as an attempt to control you within the message. Time, faith and trust is the only telling factor for messages such as these. The hard way is to struggle and fight against the information, which simply has the effect of holding up your true life's journey, leaving you stuck and frustrated. Non resistance is the key...

As a channeler receives accurate information on a regular basis, they will begin to build an awareness of the difference between their own thoughts, feelings and desires and the information given by spirit. Prior to receiving any message from the Otherworlds, a channeler should invoke protection, and call in their Spiritual guides, teachers and friends, angels and any ascended beings who would care to share their healing and protective energies and actively ask for protection from any being who have yet to pass through the Light and that they may receive true and accurate information.

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"Voices" - real experiences, not delusions

A recently published study of children who report hearing "voices" challenges the long-held medical view that the phenomenon is a sign of long term mental illness and instead suggests that "Many people could learn to control disturbing voices if they talked back to them".
While it is still a long way from the powers that be recognising spirit attachment, it nevertheless heralds the beginning of a change in orthodox attitudes and as such is encouraging to us all in this field.

Hearing voices has been a phenomena rarely mentioned other than in crime reports where "voices" have urged someone to commit murder, and as such, those families affected by someone with these problems have been fairly reluctant to discuss their experiences, however, recent conclusions of a ground-breaking four-year study of 80 children aged between 8 and 18 by researchers at the Maastricht University in Holland, as reported in The Guardian Newspaper in the UK last November may signal a change in this way of thinking.

The study was led by one of Europe's most highly regarded psychiatrists, Professor Marius Romme, researcher Sandra Escher and psychologist Alex Buiks who put forward the theory that such voices should be treated as real experiences rather than delusions. This theory was initiated after Romme and Escher, who had interviewed hundreds of adult voice hearers in the 1990s - many of whom had no medical diagnosis, concluded that people could learn to control the disturbing voices if they talked back to them. As many of these patients revealed that their voices had first appeared in childhood, Romme and Escher decided to examine voice-hearing in children.
The aim there was to see whether early therapeutic intervention could prevent a later diagnosis of mental illness and condemnation to years in the psychiatric system. As with adult voice hearers, 21% of the children in the study first heard voices after suffering some kind of trauma (eg sexual abuse, bereavement or illness); 37% began to hear voices after family problems (eg divorce) and 25% due to educational difficulties (changing schools, bullying etc). This as you know is the perfect time for entities to attach when your soul is under undue stress and calls out to the Universe for help and they then proceed to feed on the fear that they cause.
While the team found that most of the voices were initially scary and disruptive, some proved beneficent and the voice hearing experience was usually temporary. By the end of the study, 60% of the children no longer heard voices and those who did experienced them far less often and were no longer as frightened by them as they had developed some understanding of what was happening and did not feel that they were strange or wierd in experiencing this phenomenon.
The participants also reported far fewer problems at home and school as researchers found that children could learn to cope with their voices as long as they were not made to fear them. Their own attitude towards the voices and the attitudes of their parents, therapists and/or medical staff was crucial to their adjustment.

As in their research with adults, Romme and Escher found that the children could rationalise their experience if they were allowed to talk back to their voices, either telling them to go away or encouraging any positive voices to help them to control the more disturbing ones. Another key factor towards assisting them in their recovery was in helping them to understand what first triggered the voices to appear.

These studies showed, surprisingly, that educational problems were significant in triggering trauma.
One boy for example who heard male and female voices quarrelling when he was stressed at school became less aggressive once he was helped to deal with these voices and this allowed his teachers to realise that he only had an IQ of 85 which was far too low to cope with his lessons. Upon learning of this, his parents transferred him to a specialist school and his voices disappeared and did not return.
Another troubled teen was referred to a psychologist who told her to visualise a halo of light around her head to keep the voices at bay and these helped her to uncover the events that had triggered the emergence of these voices.

"Mind" (a mental health charity in the UK) says that the study shows that with the right therapeutic approach, drugs to suppress the voices are not the only answer. Their view is that the successful techniques identified by the research need to be built into practice so people who hear voices have the widest treatment options and chance to benefit from this breakthrough. It is clear that gaining awareness of the links between underlying problems and voice hearing can change attitudes towards the symptoms and diminish their damaging effects.

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