From Illusion To Light

Our aim within our work is to remove negative energies from the auric fields of people and places. Negative energy around a person comes in many forms and can have a spiritual or physical origin. It can create many problems such as physical, emotional or mental illness, anger, irationality, sickness, inability to effectively deal with problems in all areas of life (financial, romantic, relationship).

If you have negative energies around you, then your life won't be working for you. Once cleared of negative energies, people have found that they are able to move forward with their lives and begin working through their problems. Some problems even disappear overnight as a result!

On a larger scale, our mission is to assist in the clearance from the Earth of lost souls from all dimensions who have for whatever reason, been unable to pass over. There is currently a bottleneck of energy from such souls which is preventing Earth's natural energy from moving and is thus helping to slow the Earth's ascension. Join with us to assist in the movement of these energies and allow the Earth to ascend as it should.


1. At the most superficial level, a Soul Light Journey is fun and interesting. In relating to Past lives, it is simply an excursion through time, allowing a person to see themselves as various "characters" in a long and winding story.

2. Many emotional problems and conflicts are quickly and effectively resolved through the process of past life exploration along with so-called psychosomatic physical ailments or illnesses.

3. A Soul Light Journey is an educational journey into the spiritual reality and the "inner planes" of consciousness, allowing the subject to experience the greater reality of Spirit, past, present and future, bringing in a deeper realization of our life's purpose and a clearer sense of the meanings of relationships within our existence.

4. The altered state allows the subject to feel a unique state of Oneness, connection to all and everything within the Universe.

Past Life exploration is a rapid and effective methos of healing present life issues.



When children are born, they have an undeveloped frontal lobe and so are unable to reason logically or deeply intuitively until the age of around six or seven..."The Age of Reason". This being the case, we tend to form our early belief system on the positive or negative statements which are directed at us by our caregivers and these can stay with us on a deeply subconscious level for our entire lives unless we consciously take responsibility for changing them.

Many of our generalised thoughts, feelings and actions about ourselves, our experiences and our world represent important coping strategies that we developed out of necessity as we grew. These were usually then reinforced through subsequent experiences and became the ego defences through which we survived in our subconscious. However, because these decisions are made in our subconscious mind, our conscious mind forgets that we have made them and why and so when they no longer serve us in a positive way, we have no idea that we are able to actually control and change them...hence the attitude..."That's just the way I am."

Our beliefs determine the reality in which we live out our lives and our reality becomes consistent with these, so if we have a negative self-image, self esteem and self worth we become unable to accept positive feedback and will focus on the things in the environment that support our negative beliefs about ourselves. This then becomes our reality.

This is why no two people have the same reality even if they are identical twins. Each of us interprets our world from the perspective of our own reality, our own filtered view and this is what causes difficulties in terms of how we interact and conflict with others.

With Soul Light Journeys, we can set about going back to find the root cause of the decisions that we made that became our belief system, whether they be related to happenings earlier in this incarnation or even to past incarnations. Once we have located these, we are then able to set about healing and making new decisions which are more appropriate to our successful journeying.

Soul Light Journeying allows you to change your decisions and thus your perceptions of yourself and your world into something more positive allowing you to move forward more easily into your future, while releasing your baggage.



Human behaviour tends to reenact birth trauma often as a result of Past Life patterns being restimulated.

This can occur during the pre-natal period, during the actual birth process and/or shortly thereafter and can be triggered in the mind of the foetus/infant by many things. These things can include sounds, smells, the mothers emotional state or her state of unconsciousness due to anaesthesia. The stimulus may be a conversation filled with strong emotion between the mother and father during the pregnance or even the medical staff or parents during the delivery.

Soul consciousness in the main, enters at or near the time of birth, however, some consciousness seems connected with the body from the moment of conception and this receives and records all experience in the forming body, including the thoughts and emotions experienced by the mother. These records are unfiltered, unprocessed and unjudged and the impact of this information can be devastating on the mind and life of the person from birth, right through to adulthood. However, problems stemming from these records can be corrected in adulthood through regression and this forms part of our work in Soul Light Journeying.