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Thought that those of you who don't know exactly what it is that Liz and I do would be interested in this. There is quite a bit here, but if you need any more later, then just let me know and I will answer any further questions that you might have.

Even though there are also serious cases of "Spirit Possession" an "Entity attachment" and also "Soul fragmentation" (...please take a look at our FAQ page links at the top of the page...) are actually quite common and can really affect your whole life in a bad way.

Negativity clogs your auric field and then you attract bad experiences and negative people. The more nasty people are to you, the more the negativity sits in your aura and it becomes a vicious cycle. Whenever someone coerces us into a fight (whether it is physical or verbal), or makes us feel bad about ourselves, they are taking our power and an attachment forms by which they suck our energy. A clearance can locate these attachments and get rid of them, also, so that you are able to learn to function on full power (as it were) and when you do this, you will attract people into your life who are on the same level as you, rather than "energy vampires" who constantly drag you down. Attachments don't always have to be spiritual, they can also come from people in the physical and that is just as bad.

We charge $150 Australian for this service which includes a full written report which I will email you in the few days after the clearance has taken place. We have performed absent clearances for people in New Zealand, South Africa, New York (US), Germany, Austria, Holland etc, etc (the list keeps growing:))) with much success

This post is going to be long, so you'd better get comfortable...There are a few methods that I use to clear an entity attachment and I guess it depends mostly on the type of entity (benevolent or malevolent) and the person involved. In my experience a person can't be cleared of an attachment to an entity if they don't wish to be cleared. They need to come to the realisation that they have an entity and be willing to release it before any real help can be given. I normally require the person to ask me for a clearance (and I mean using words, not just hints!)...Or the entity must want to go. If the person does not accept that they have an entity, but a connection is able to be made with it and it communicates that it wishes to leave, clearance can be done without the "hosts" coperation. Often times, once the entity becomes trapped in the person's auric field, they need help to get free of it and this is what we are there for.

In this line of work, I always work in conjunction with my colleague, Liz and Spirit. We work in a triangular formation, which seems to intensify our energies and levels of protection so that we are less likely to come under attack and each of us has a different task to perform.

My job is to lead the clearance by way of guided meditation. I am the Path finder and clear the path for Liz to journey down with the participant safely and unencumbered. By using crystals on and around the body, I am able to induce a meditative state in the client and facilitate an OBE. Once "out of body", I ask the client to rise above themself and scan their body looking for anything unusual or uncomfortable, which may appear as pain, dark spots, nausea etc.

As I do this, my colleague, Liz also enters the meditation and uses her clairvoyant abilities to "accompany" the client on their journey and also scans to "double check" for attachments. Generally, entities appear as dark spots of negative energy, which move away as the client focuses while light energy upon. The fact that they move indicates that the energy form is self aware or intelligent and as such it will resist the process by avoiding light and cause the client to feel pain or nausea as it moves around the body.

Liz ascertains where the entity is attached to the client and how large the attachments are. These attachments are usually found in the chakra system and once we know where they are, we can go about releasing them by bringing in white light energy through the clients crown chakra and visualising pinpricks of light breaking down the darkness and/or pushing it towards the base so that we can isolate it.

These entities can appear as people, beings, or energy that has form and intelligence. Oftentimes, we can ascertain the appearance, nationality and intent of the being, all of which helps in it's removal as they may attempt to create fear in the client and so the more information we have about them, the easier removal becomes.

Firstly, we ask the client to affirm out loud that they no longer require the services of the being in question, that their services are now complete and so they are free to leave and go on home to the light. Sometimes this is enough, as some beings only need this reassurance not to fear the light and in that case, the client is instructed to create a column of light next to or over the being and then encourage the being to return home to the light.

Other times, though, we encounter resistance, anger or threats and must then go about painstakingly "burning through" their attachments with white light energy as we push the entity down towards the base chakra.

As we push the entity downwards, we make use of affirmations, prayers, white light energy, smudge, essential oils and reassurance. Fear must be kept to a minimum as entities feed on this and will make every attempt to scare both the client and us into letting them stay.

Spirit acts as the Gatekeeper and allows and assists us to make contact with the entity and communicate with it. Once we have made contact with it, I will call on it's guides, teachers and friends to be with us and lead the being home to the light, welcoming it with love.

The level of resistance from the entity determines how difficult it is to release as does the clients will to release it. Often the client will become emotional as the entity leaves and they need to be reassured that it is their choice to dissolve the agreement and that both parties are now being held back by the agreement that they may have made between them. The client may also be experiencing quite serious pain, depending upon the extent and time frame of the attachment and they need to be reassured that this is normal and encouraged to breathe through it. Pushing the pain into a crystal may also help.

At this time the client may become aware of how this being has affected their behaviour and perhaps also remember the circumstances which led to them making the subconscious agreement that allowed the entity to attach and remain and may be afraid that they won't cope without it.

The psychic influence of entities can affect the way we feel, influence physical and mental balance and affect our environment. Sometimes, an entity will attach to an object if they have had a strong emotional connection to it in life and ridding a space of the entity may be as simple as cleansing or removing the object.

Guiding spirit into the light totally depends on that being and it's beliefs. When we die and before we enter the light, we retain our personality traits and beliefs and attitudes. If they believe in the light source then they will relate to that kind of symbology, if not then clearance must be approached from a different angle. Prayers from their own religion also help as do references to their "God", because they create a familiar environment that the being is comfortable with.

Also, try to make yourself aware of the entities expectations to gain their trust. The clearance area should be clean, no perfume, clean clothes, darkened room with faint/candle lighting, music (many spirits respond to wartime music for some reason). Begin the clearance with prayer and ritual and make sure that as the "clearer" your own etheric body is free from negativity (both physical and mental). Listen to your instincts relating to protection and trust your guides to help with this if you ask them to.

At the end of the clearance, be sure to thank both your guides, teachers and freinds and those of your client. Absent clearings can also be done if you have the cooperation of the client and their permission to proceed and if you are able to focus your energies to achieve connection. All the same rules apply.

Quartz crystals and black tourmaline provide a strong energy boundary within which to trap entities and Iron Pyrite helps to focus the psychic energies. Jasper shaped as an arrow head keeps spirits away from the treated location which can be "smudged" with sage.

Protection will only work if the entity is daunted by the power and faith of the soul rescuer. You must take a serious approach to the situation and use amulets, talismans, candles, stones, crystals, garlic, smudge, salt, bells, drums, the sign of the cross, repetitive prayer or incantation where appropriate. Each clearance is different, so each approach will be different. Use your instincts to decide what approach is required and be flexible enough to "go with it."

I hope this "novel" has helped you. Feel free to ask more questions if you need to and...Good Luck!!

Warm Blessings


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Our service & order list for YOU:

Become our partner: any of our known customers who refers paying clients to our site will receive a one off payment of $25AUS for every new client, referred by them who orders and pays for a full reading of any description, $50AUS for every paid soul-light-journey or entity clearance and $75AUS for every course block ordered and paid for up front. These payments will only apply for the first order made and paid for by NEW referrals with no refund being requested and the person must make their order stating their referee and the email address of same.

Remote Entity Clearance - regular case (initial scan free)


Remote sessions offer another option for people who are unable to attend a private session to have negative energies and/or entities removed. These people may be geographically too far away to attend in person, or they may simply be too ill or disturbed as a result of these attachments for a private session to be a safe option. The subject is not required to be present in person with us for Remote Clearance to take place and in fact, does not even have to be aware of the session. This can be particularly useful in the case of rebellious teenagers, children who may be frightened by a personal session, a person in hospital or other institution, elderly people, drug or alcohol addicted people or those suffering from serious physical or mental disabilities. Remote clearances can be done with or without conscious permission from the person to be cleared as this work is done in conjunction with permission given by the Higher Self of the person being cleared. Our requirements for this work include a letter of request describing the problems or conflicts being experienced, a small history of how/when these problems began if this is known and the name, age and location of the person requiring the session. We also ask for a photograph of the person in question for scanning purposes, though we can work without one if this cant be provided. Scans are provided free of charge in order to give a description of what types of energies are present and the recommended treatment of same and once the scan has been completed a report will be sent out detailing what has been found. A scan is not as in depth as the actual clearance procedure and so generally, we would expect to find further attachments whilst actually clearing a subject. Payment can be made via Paypal facilities located here or simply send a Bank Draft for $175.00Australian to ATT:
Tammie Bowden PO BOX 147 OBERON NSW AUSTRALIA 2787.
A currency converter is located here for your convenience ->http://www.xe.com/ucc/. In the case of a Bank Draft, all fees and charges incurred are to be included in the total amount sent. For Australian clients, money orders will also be accepted. Sessions will be scheduled usually within one to two weeks of receiving the order and payment for same. Remote sessions can take anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the number of attachments and the degree of difficulty in removing them and the level of healing required after the clearance has been completed. Once the clearance is completed and the corresponding report has been received by the subject, I am happy to receive any questions/comments that they may have and will endeavour to answer these to the best of my abilities. Remote clearance is most effective when the person being cleared has some awareness of the procedure, though it does indeed work without awareness. Subjects who take some responsibility for the healing process experience the validity of this work and take an integral role in the releasement process as well as in the soul fragment recovery and this is very empowering for the subject. This type of remote clearance work can bring welcome relief to almost anyone who is influenced by discarnate energies.

Remote Entity Clearance - spec. condition for known customers or ordering more than one clearance at a time



Entity Clearance Session IN PERSON At Australia (initial scan free)


A clearance session in person often takes much longer and is more energy consuming due to the interaction with the client. We also find that the personal interaction often delves deeper into a persons energies than the remote clearances are able to and so results can be more effective. Remote clearances will generally apply to overseas customers as well as institutionalised persons, the mentally ill and others who are somehow not suitable for a clearance in person. Payment can be made in cash at our local place.

Follow up Clearance Healings - two required



Healing - Distant Reiki



Order 2 Blocks Healing - Distant Reiki



Crystal Healing



Order 2 Blocks Healing - Crystal Healing



Combination Reiki/Crystal Healing




Tarot reading per simple yes/no question



Tarot reading - 12 card spread



Tarot reading - more in depth insight



Tarot reading - full reading


Tarot deck cards originated over 500 years ago in Northern Italy where they were used in a game called Triumphs. They were quickly adopted as a tool for Divination and popularised by Occult Societies ie/ Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Early Tarot symbolism was deeply rooted in Medieval and Rennaissance Europe, however, now, though the meanings remain virtually the same, the symbolism covers everything from Runes through Nature and the I-Ching. Tarot reading is the most popular tool for divination and spiritual introspection in the West. Traditional decks of Tarot cards consist of 78 cards - 22 Major Arcana (Trumps ie/ The Lovers, The Fool, The Empress) and the remaining 56 minor Arcana in 4 suits of 14 cards...Swords, Cups, Wands (also known as Staves or Rods) and Pentacles (Also known as Coins or Discs).

Rune reading - full reading


Rune readings are arrangements of the 24 Runes (letters) of the Futhark alphabet. The layout of the runes is known as a spread and determines what each rune refers to Eg/ in the Three Norns Spread, the first Rune represents past, the second present energy and the Third future energy. Runes were first used over 1500 years ago by Eastern Gothics and later throughout England and Scandinavia. As Christianity took hold, the use of runic alphabets in divination became reviled as a pagan practice. The name "Rune" is derived from an early Anglo-Saxon word meaning "Secret" or "Mystery". Reading of the Runes was initially most popular among Wiccans and modern Pagans and predates the Tarot as a tool of divination by 1000 years.

Psychic and Clairvoyant Readings


Clairvoyance is the art of "seeing" with senses beyond the five we normally use. Clairvoyance is often termed the "sixth sense" and is related to images in the mind that bring messages from other realms in the form of shapes, colours, stills and "animations" which remain in the consciousness for a few seconds or last a longer time through the "Third eye", located in the middle of the forehead. For many people, the gift of clairvoyance comes naturally and this is particularly true in children. Some people find development of their clairvoyant abilities easy and others develop with practice. Others never master it. Clairvoyance connects to the right side of the brain - the feminine and intuitive aspects which is why many people may tend to feel physical sensations in and around their left hand side when working clairvoyantly. Clairvoyant energy enters in through the left side of the body so as to activate the right side of the brain. When reading Clairvoyantly, the reader will connect with his/her own spiritual guides, teachers and friends as well as those of the person being read to receive messages dedicated to that persons Highest Divine Good.

Channelled Readings


Channeling is the process by which a medium can communicate information from non-physical beings such as spirits, deities, demons or aliens via a state of altered consciousness (trance etc). Channeling has existed in all cultures throughout history. In primitive societies, priests, shaman, oracles or similar had the responsibility of communicating with the non-worldly. The priestly caste of ancient Egypt communicated with gods through trance; Ancient Greeks revered their oracles; Judaism had its prophets and saints; Christianity and Islam received the will of God via channeling. In the 19th Century, Madame Blavatsky claimed to be able to chanel the wisdom of various Tibetan adepts. At this time she co-founded "Theosophy". Interest in channeling revived in the West during the 1970's and 80's. Channeling, like mysticism is a phenomenon that has been part of human experience as far back as human records go. This phenomenon is an important aspect of human consciousness and as such, channeled readings can provide an "otherworldly" perspective to the trials and tribulations, that you are experiencing in your life currently.



Mediumship is the act of opening up as a conduit whereby the reader is able to receive information and messages from your loved ones who have now passed over via their "clair" gifts. Not all readers are able to perform mediumship work as spirit deem who they will communicate through and not the other way around. Mediumship readings provide healing, comfort, reassurance and closure for clients still grieving their loss, as well as providing assistance to those who have passed and may be experiencing difficulty in getting through to loved ones who are caught up in their grief, or whose belief systems won't allow them, to receive and acknowledge information personally.

Scan on photo for Body Scan/Body Reading - includes Reading (for health related issues)


During a body scan the healer uses energies to scan the body to determine differences in the energetic field such as blockages, auric damage, pain, pressure, discomfort etc. The healer will then take note of the shape of the auric field, absence of energies in any area, fullness, surges and depressions, leaks, tears, bracing, withdrawal, shielding, compacting, density and temperature fluctuations before proceeding with healing at an energetic level, removing blockages and balancing energies, repairing tears and leaks and realigning chakras. Once energetic healing has taken place, the healer will assist the subject to get in touch with the body's wisdom to activate their own healing potential and uncover the root causes of their energetic difficulties, whilst receiving instruction from the subjects spiritual guides, teachers and friends which will be written down for the subject to take with them when they leave.
Body scans are also available remotely.

Scan on photos for Past life Readings - Includes Reading



Dream Interpretation


Dreams are important communications from the unconscious to help the conscious mind recognise self sabotaging paterns or provide messages through symbology. Dreams will often repeat themselves over and over as our superconscious strives to bring us enlightenment, ceasing only when the symbology has been understood. Send us your dream in writing and we will review and interpret it before sending back a full report for your perusal.

Private Counselling Sessions

(In Person OR VIA Telephone Link)

Everyone holds the answers to their own troubles and tribulations but sometimes we need a little help to access these answers. In the course of our work, it is our hope to help direct you to the source of your problems so that true healing may be affected, both inside and out. Tammie and Liz are available for private sessions which are scheduled for a minimum of two hours and often last beyond that. In the safety of the session, we will assist you in shifting your focus into the vastness of your own subconscious mind, where you will move past the barriers of time and space until we are able to ascertain the best approach to guide you to the source of your present life problems. We won't stop you if you are in the middle of something important. We continue until you are complete with any issue that you bring up. You may want to have more than one session to explore more deeply on the issue, or focus on additional problem areas. Sessions are taped and the material remains confidential of course.

What our customers need to do is order and pay for a session, leaving their contact details and then I will set up a time suitable to both of us for contact and either give them a call or schedule them to see me. These sessions will be charged at
$120.00AUS per hour (counted in 1/4hr increments) for a private counselling session in person or via phone link up.

People who seek sessions often describe the following symptoms:

Treatment options available include:

If you like to order a private session please use one of the following email adresses and let us know what kind of private session you do want (in person or via phone):


(Past, present and future. Investigation of Karma and lessons whilst in an altered state of consciousness)


A Soul Light Journey is an educational journey into the spiritual reality and the "inner planes" of consciousness, allowing the subject to experience the greater reality of Spirit, past, present and future, bringing in a deeper realization of our life's purpose and a clearer sense of the meanings of relationships within our existence.
...a whole length description you can find : HERE at the page "Our mission".

Online Courses

Entity Clearance

(e-group course, Clearers Manual provided)


Training in Entity Clearance Therapy
This course is designed to take a controversial topic and make it accessible to everyone by presenting historical, theoretical and practical details on the complete constellation of Entity Clearance techniques and the treatment of the demonic. This course will provide the student with a practical presentation on how to implement procedures and techniques for entity clearance in a safe and protected environment, including scanning techniques for the location of entity, alien and demonic attachments and remote treatment techniques. Available as an entire course for a total cost of $695.00 Australian, or in units, on a pay as you go basis for those who would find a lump sum payment too restricting.

Advanced Entity Removal and Soul Retrieval


(Includes courses in Demonology and Alien Identification)

Soul-Light-Journey Course

(e-group, Regression Manual provided)


Training for Soul-Light-Journeying
Course designed to provide you with all of the tools required to facilitate an altered state of consciousness for another person, so that they may discover their life's purpose and enter a state of absolute bliss which is profound and powerful, connecting them with their own higher guidance in full consciousness, with full recall. Each journey is unique, and may take the subject forward to discover their current life's purpose and blueprint or back into past incarnations in order that they may find keys to unlock mysteries relating to their current behaviour, health or mindset which may lie far in the past. Soul-Light-Journeys can also delve into the birth process and its effects on the subject, so that basically every aspect of our lives, past and present can be accessed in a safe and nurturing environment, to facilitate healing and blockage removal. Learn to facilitate an altered state of awareness and connect others with Higher Guidance in full consciousness 


10 week course


Learn how to tap into the Universal Life Force in order to receive messages from Spiritual Guides, Teachers and Friends and communicate with lovedones who have passed over. Channeling development will assist you in using your own abilities, reducing stress, developing concentration and unlocking the mystery of dreams. This course will help you to open your mind to exchange information in whatever form works best for you, so that over time you will see how your particular form of channeling can evolve. Often something channeled can seem insignificant when it is received, however, this may strike you as quite profound or evocative later on. Within this course, you will learn a frame of reference for this skill set including the difference between trance and conscious channeling, mediums, psychics; The importance of finding your own personal style of receiving information ; discretion and the appropriate use of this tool; understanding energy, trust, how to move beyond blocks.


(Level one and two - 10 weeks, e-group course)


Development part Two

(Level three and four - 12 weeks, e-group course)


Tuition in Opening up to Spirit and development of your own Spiritual Abilities - Beginner/Intermediate -Price per session:



Tuition in Opening up to Spirit and development of your own Spiritual Abilities - Advanced course -Price per session:



Block 20 lessons Opening to Spirit - Beginner/Intermediate



Block 20 Lessons Opening to Spirit - Advanced



Basic Tarot Course - Learn how to read for yourself


Reading in the Way of the Holy Quabala. The goal of this course is to assist the serious Tarot student to learn the meanings of the cards and how to weave them together using a layout to create an accurate and ethical reading for yourself or someone else. An excellent class for those who wish to read the Tarot for the public, including full reference guides for the Minor Arcana, Major Arcana, the Court cards along with methods for divining timing.

Regression Meditation



Payment can be arranged via Bank Draft, Money order (Australian Customers only) or Paypal.

Email Tammie directly on tammie069@hotmail.com.

...for people who prefer to pay in USD or who just want to enjoy some advantages in communication with us...
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Professional Counselling

Soul-Light-Journeys have partnered with Kasamba to provide qualified and experienced Counselling Professionals for your convenience. For the past five years, Kasamba has offered professional live advice online in this and many other categories to thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Simply click on the link for one of these trusted advisors who can help you with any area of your life that you feel requires attention. There is no charge for these services until you hire and you control when you feel comfortable enough to do that and Kasamba has the quality of service, technical expertise and level of customer support which makes us proud to endorse them. These services are completely private between you and your advisor and you can find assistance without having to leave home.



A cleansing meditation for YOU

Try this meditation to cleanse and lift your vibration. Can be helpful in picking up negative energies and entities in your own field.


Again Warm Blessings


Sit or stand in a comfortable position and feel relaxed.
Concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing and when you feel relaxed, notice a column or tube of light over your head.
Notice that that column of light stretches up through the clouds, into the stars and beyond, back to the Source, the start of everything.
It is pure uninterrupted Divine energy , a vibrant golden white light.
Now notice a white flower with many petals on top of your head.
Allow the flower to open as if to the morning sun.
As it opens, gently breathe in light through the flower from the column above your head.
Breathe light in gently at first until you get accustomed to the sensation.
As you breathe light in through the flower allow it to pick up any negative thoughts or feelings and take them down towards your feet, where you have opened a tap or valve in the centre, just below the ball.
Allow the old energy out, returning to Mother Earth.
With each breath feel more light enter your body, sparkling and tingling, gently caressing and filling your body with light.
As the light moves down through your body let it take with it any negative thoughts or feelings or stale energy down towards the feet, where it will be released and transmuted into light.
Create a disk of light as wide as your body, hovering above the top of your head.
Fill the disk with pure golden white light from the column above.
When it is as full and as bright as it can be, take a deep breath in and on the out breath, plunge the light down through your body like a coffee plunger.

Repeat this process three times, changing colours each time, to emerald green, royal blue and iridescent violet, ensuring that the foot chakras remain open and are then closed after the plungings are complete.

Another cleansing, balancing meditation for YOU

Focus on the rhythm of your breathing…feel the air going deeply within before being breathed out again…taking with it any stale air and energies…with each breath, feel yourself going deeper and deeper into a beautiful state of relaxed serenity…deeper and deeper within…Concentrate on your breathing as all else fades away…deeper and deeper with each breath…

As you breathe, relax all of your muscles…feel yourself falling deeper into your serene state…relax your facial muscles and your jaw…feel the tension ebbing away…relax the muscles in your neck as your anxiety fades…Relax these muscles completely….

Now move your focus down to the muscles of your shoulders…let them feel loose, light…completely relaxed…let go of the weight of the world…feel the tightness here fading away…

Relax the muscles of your arms and back…both the upper and lower back…feel these muscles completely relax at the same time relaxing the muscles in your stomach so that your breathing stays beautifully relaxed…deep…even…

Relax now the muscles of your legs as you feel your body completely release any tension…unwinding…pushing you deeper and deeper into your relaxed state…

Feel yourself moving deeper into this state of complete serenity…

Now visualise a beautiful light stretching up and out…back to the stars and beyond…the start of everything…see this column or tube of light attaching to your crown and coming in through the top of your head…see it beginning to gently spread down through your body from above to below…entering your brain, your nervous system which glows beautifully in the multicoloured light…This is a powerful…healing…relaxing light…connected with the light from the column above and around you…

Feel the light flow down beneath the deep bones and muscles of your face…into your jaw and the back of your head as you go deeper and deeper into your relaxed state…feel it flow now into your neck…relaxing all of the muscles and nerves there…and smoothing the lining of your throat as you feel yourself relax further and further into your centre of peace…

See the light now completely surrounding the outside of your body also…like an egg…a violet flame licks your body and the outside of your egg, leaving a violet hue…this egg protects you…No harm can come to you through the light…only goodness…positive…loving energy…

The light from the egg heals your skin and outer muscles as it has healed your inner self and deepens your levels of relaxation even further…


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