Remote clearance sessions offer another option to those people who are geographically distant from their chosen clearer. The subject is not required to be present for this type of clearance to be effective. Nor do they have to be consciously aware of the session, as in the case of a child, a rebellious teen, a hospitalised or institutionalised person, an aging person, or any one else incapable of making an informed and enlightened decision. Serious mental disturbances eliminate some subjects as candidates for one on one participation and so this type of clearance can be a wonderful and effective alternative.

These sessions may be carried out with the permission of the Higher Self, along with the request of a family member or significant other. Each remote session takes around an hour to an hour and a half, depending upon the extent and number of attachments.

During each session, meditation is entered into which takes the clearer out of their physical body, moving them into an altered state of consciousness, so that they may perceive energies and assess attachments, soul fragmentation, cellular memories and past incarnations which may be effecting the current experience. During this meditation, we call upon the Beings of Light which assist us in this work.

Usually, Dark Force Entities or demons are cleared initially, followed by the earthbound souls of deceased human beings and finally extra terrestrials which impinge on the energies of living human beings. Soul fragments and cellular memories are then relaid into the auric field so that they move into the past incarnational experience where they belong and have less influence on the current lifetime. This also helps to strengthen the spiritual immune system for the subject.

Personal responsibility is an essential element in any healing process. A subject who participates in the session experiences the validity of the work and takes an integral role in the releasement process as well as the soul fragment recovery. This involvement serves to empower the subject to take responsibility for their own recovery.

This type of clearance procedure can bring welcome relief to almost anyone who is influenced by discarnate energies and is an important part of any holistic healing work.

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