"The Body Serving the Soul"

The life that we choose prior to incarnation often makes the stakes very high and then forces us to choose and this is where we must live by the motto "To thine own self be true".

The difficult predicaments that we find ourselves in mould us and refine us, leaving us clean and pure, though this may take more than one lifetime to achieve. Through this long process, as is human nature, we are rarely thankful for this refinement but rather we become focused on our own suffering and envious of those people that we perceive not to be suffering, believing them to be somehow blessed or more spiritually deserving than we are.

Strangely, we seem to give greater spiritual credit to those whose lives we perceive as neat and orderly...the couple down the street whose life seems to be "just so" and as such we believe these people are somehow better than those of us who struggle with our assorted afflictions.

What we must remember when this thought pattern begins to emerge is that the journey of spirit through the physical vehicle dictates that as we advance through our lessons they become more and more complicated and difficult to master and each grade, as in physical school presents more difficult challenges.

Each grade is necessary to our overall energetic development and as a result, each level challenges us when we are at that level but we inevitably do master the challenge and once this has been done we must move on to the next one and eagerly embrace that opportunity during our spiritual phases. Later of course, when we are physically embroiled in the challenge, our consciousness forgets that the choice to undertake this challenge was ours.

Being in tune with our bodies will assist us in achieving our challenges as it rebels when we stray too far from what is right for us and pays the price for choices made which do not serve our Highest Good. Even when we rebel, the body is the souls servant and as we learn new respect and appreciation for our bodies we will slowly begin to heal.


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