As physical death occurs, the silver thread connecting the physical vehicle with the spiritual body is broken and the etheric portion of the person begins to slip away and separate from the more dense physical material. Those who sit with a person during this final transition period often notice that the appearance of the person dying becomes translucent and the energy in the room, peaceful as this finer energy permeates the room and this feeling can remain in the room for up to three days following the persons passing.

Just as physical matter is reabsorbed by the physical plane over the course of time, so the astral and mental materials of the individuals energetic bodies are absorbed into the Universe after death, dispersing energies and information into the ethers. Emotional matter is absorbed into the astral plane, while knowledge and wisdom are taken into the mental planes and this is in effect our contribution to Universal evolution.

As we reach greater levels of understanding, freedom and forgiveness and work through our selfish illusions and desires our energetic bodies expand and become more clear and intense. This expansion is precipitated generally by our earthly struggles which enable us to achieve a more complete rapport with our soul until it is finally ready to return to the Divine Spirit on completion of its earthly adventures.


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